Data Source Dialog Box

This dialog box allows you to specify the data source and the credentials that will be used for getting data from the database and to test the connection at configuration stage.

Option Description
Data source Enter the ODBC data source manually or select the source using . This button opens the Select Data Source dialog box that allows you to select one of the available data sources.
User name Enter the user name to connect to the selected data source.
Password Enter the password to connect to the selected data source.
Note: If the User name text box is empty, then the component will use the credentials of the process which runs the configuration. At configuration stage this process will be apd.exe (by default, it uses current user account), at run time - batch.exe (by default, it uses local system account).
Test Click this button to check the connection to the data source. If the User name text box is empty, the component shows the warning message: ”User name is empty. The component will use login and password of the account which is used to run the application (Process Designer or Batch). Do you want to continue the connection test?” Click OK to continue.

If the connection is established successfully, the component shows the following message: "Data source connection is OK". If the connection cannot be established, the component shows an error message.