Concatenate Filter Dialog Box

This filter is intended for joining several RRTs with another RRTs or with text strings.

For example, it may be used to concatenate several RRTs generated by other filters into one string.

Option Description
Field name Enter the field name of the FRTN generated by the filter.
Input Enter the input string. Commonly, this string contains several RRTs to be concatenated into one string . This text box may contain multiline text.
Fail job if input/output is invalid If this check box is selected, the component will reject the current job if input or output is empty.

Result RRT:

The RRT ~DFT::%field name%~ is replaced with the concatenation result.

The examples of the filter usage:

Input: ~ACC::%First name%~ ~ACC::%Last name%~

Assuming that ~ACC::%First name%~ is replaced with "William" and ~ACC::%Last name%~ is replaced with "Shakespeare", the generated RRT will be replaced with "William Shakespeare".