Clean Up Filter Dialog Box

This filter transforms the input string by replacing all characters that are prohibited from appearing in filenames in Windows with a specified string.

By default, illegal symbols are replaced with '_'.

Option Description
Field name Enter the field name, which will be used as the name of RRT containing the result of this filter.
Input Enter an input string to be processed by this filter.
Replace with Enter the string that will replace the illegal characters. By default, the underscore symbol '_' is used.
Fail job if input/output is invalid If this check box is selected, the current job will be rejected if input or output is empty.

This filter generates the following boolean RRT that can be used in the Validate filter for metadata validation: ~DFT::%field name#IsEmpty%~. It is replaced with TRUE if the filter result is empty. Otherwise, it is replaced with FALSE.

Result RRT:

~DFT::%field name%~ is replaced with the input string after the transformation.

The examples of the filter usage:

Input: invoice<<<MKH125067>>>

Replace with: _

The generated RRT will be replaced with: invoice___MKH125067___