Box Component Settings Dialog Box

Set options in the Box or Box eConnector dialog box to log into the Box system.

Option Description
Activate This checkbox activates the component according to a condition (see Conditional Activation). This option is available only for the eConnector.
Pass through Select this option to pass the document to the subsequent components in the workflow. This option is available only in eConnector.
Login This field contains the account name and email of the logged in user.
Log in Click this button to log on to the box service. This opens a the Box Login window for the Box service (see Box Login Window). Enter the account credentials and click the Log In button on the page.

After successfully logging into the Box service, the component receives a token that retains the connection as long as you click the Log out button. After you log in, the user name and email are displayed in the Login field.

Log out Click this button to log out. This closes the current token.
Destination Specifies the folder in the Box account into which the documents will be uploaded. If the specified folder does not exist, it will be created at run time. Click browse button (...) locate an existing folder in the Box Directory window. If you leave this field blank, documents will be uploaded to the root folder in the box directory. You can use RRTs in this field.

The length of the folder name is limited to 100 characters. The name of a folder can't contain the following characters: / \ | “ : < > * ? ( ). The back slash and forward slash characters (\ and /) can be used as folder separators. The root folder is indicated by the back slash (\).

Rename file Select this check box to enter a rename scheme for routed files.

For example, if the original document name is Mythology, Madness and Laughter: Subjectivity in German Idealism. Slavoj Zizek.pdf, then ~BXR::FileName~_~BXR::Counter,3~~BXR::FileExt~ will be replaced by Mythology, Madness and Laughter: Subjectivity in German Idealism. Slavoj Zizek_001.pdf .

Replace invalid characters with "_" Select this check box to replace invalid characters in the filenames with the underscore character (_). If this check box is not selected and the file name contains invalid characters / \ | “ : < > * ? ( ), then the file will not be uploaded to the server.
Overwrite existing file Files in the destination folder will be overwritten if this option is selected.
Description Provides space to type a description for files that are uploaded to this location.
Tags Enter a list of comma separated tags that will be added to the uploaded files.
Share Click Yes in this box to share uploaded files with other users. This functionality is provided by the Box service.
Password protection Select this check box to enable password protection for shared files. Recipients specified in the Send link to box will need to enter the password to access the files.
Obtain password via RRT Select this check box if you want to use RRTs to specify the password.
Password Enter password to restrict access to shared files.
Password RRT Enter the password. If the Obtain password via RRT check box is selected, enter an expression consisting of RRTs that will determine the password at run time.
Send link to Enter the list of emails of recipients that will receive the link to the uploaded files. Separate multiple email addresses by the comma (,), semicolon (;), or space character.
Messages Enter a message that will be sent to the recipients along with the link to the uploaded files.