Using the Basic Image Management component

This component is used as part of business processes that rely on barcode coversheets or barcode information inside a document, such as a barcode that represents the invoice number for an order. This component can be used to read the values of a barcode and then store such information together with the document in one of the Document management systems supported by the system.

Such information can also be used to dynamically set other values in the configuration. For example, if the invoice is being sent to a Folder Store component, the final file could be renamed using the invoice number as part of the new name.

This component is commonly used where the quality of the final image is essential. Use deskewing and despeckling functions to better the quality of the scanned document.

If you have a process that receives an image file containing several documents inside with equal number of pages, and these files need to be stored separately, you can use the split function on specific number of pages to implement batch processing and obtain more efficient results.