How to use Barcode

The Barcode component is used as part of business processes that rely on barcode cover sheets or barcode information in document content.

The Barcode component is used to process barcodes in captured documents. For example, Barcode is often used to read the invoice number in an invoice document. Another common use of this component is to decrease the time required to scan large number of documents. Scanned images can be split into several files when a barcode satisfying a defined pattern is found. Barcode component can also be used to read the values of barcodes and then store such information together with the document in one of the supported Document management systems.

The following example describes how to use the Barcode component in a hypothetical workflow. Scan documents from a variety of MFP devices, split the scanned batch into separate documents and send the documents into a specified folder

  1. Design a workflow process with an MFP component for scanning of the documents, Barcode as a process component, and Send to Folder as a route component.
  2. Activate the Barcode component.
  3. On the General tab, select the Page Split option and define a pattern for splitting pages.
  4. On the Field Values tab, specify fields for the output files as the value of the barcode on a cover page.
  5. Pass the field value as RRT for the Send to Folder component that will use it in the document rename schema.
When the walk-up MFP user enters a preconfigured function key on the control panel of the MFP device, the image document with the corresponding title as a name is routed directly into the specified folder.