Troubleshooting tips

Problem Solution
The Barcode component cannot read one of the supported barcode types. This can happen in one of the following cases:
  • The search zone does not include the area where the barcode is located. Using the image that contains the barcode as a sample, change the search zone so that it includes the barcode. If you are not sure that this location is always going to be the same for all images, then increase the zone or add another zone or do not use a search region, and the component will try to find the barcode on the entire page.
  • The search zone includes barcode area, but the page where the barcode is located is excluded from page recognition. If you use images in which barcodes are located on the same pages, then configure recognition for all necessary page numbers. If you are not sure if this location is always going to be the same for all images then select option Recognize zone on all pages.
  • The barcode is read but does not satisfy validation criteria. In this case set more flexible criteria or set No validation option.
Insufficient quality of barcode recognition. For better recognition results specify as much barcode information as possible. In particular it is recommended to specify exact orientation, to select zone more precisely and to select the Require exactly one barcode in the zone check box.