Script Variable dialog box

This dialog box allows you to configure settings of a script variable.

Only the String variables can be used in the splitting scripts.

Option Description
Variable name Enter the name of the variable manually or select it from the drop down list of the script variables.

You can use RRT from previous components in this text box. The RRTs from the Barcode component are not replaced in this text box.

Variable scope Select the scope for the variable:
  • Local variable: the variable will be accessible only in this script.
  • Global variable: the variable will be accessible in several scripts in the Script List.
Initial value Enter the value to initialize the variable.

The variable initialization depends on the kind of the variable: a local variable is initialized by the specified value directly before the script is executed, while a global variable can be initialized in two cases (depending on which case will take place earlier):

  1. During the first running of a script that uses this variable - by the specified value.
  2. When some script returns the value of this variable - by the returned value.

You can use RRTs from the previous components in the Initial value text box. You can also use the following sets of Barcode component in the Initial value text box:

The scripts are executed after the whole page is completely processed; therefore, if the script variables values contain global set RRTs or named set RRTs, they can get the values of the barcodes from the current page and the previous pages. If you do not initialize variables used in the script, they are initialized by the empty string by default when the script starts running.