OCR Resolution

Use this filter to increase image resolution before OCR recognition.

This filter does not really affect image appearance, but improves barcode recognition in some conditions.

Select one of the following variants:

  • Try original then increased resolution — The component first tries to detect barcodes using the original resolution of the image, then it tries to detect barcodes once again using increased resolution.
  • OCR in original resolution — The component detects barcodes in the original resolution of the image.
  • Increase image resolution — The component detects barcodes using increased resolution of the image. This is a default value.
You can use RRTs in this box. The RRT must have one of the following values (case-insensitive):
  • Increase — In this case the Increase image resolution option will be selected.
  • Original — OCR in original resolution.
  • BOTH — Try original then increased resolution.
If the RRT has a different value, the default option will be selected.