Feature Highlights

This component offers the following features:
  • Recognitions of 1-dimensional and 2-dimensional barcodes from image files. Autodetection of barcode type and direction.
  • Enhanced barcode detection by applying a number of preprocessing methods to low-quality images.
  • Zoned recognition allows narrowing the search area to increase performance. Also you can configure the options specifically for every zone: specify pages, validation criteria, mandatory presence of a single barcode. Barcodes found within a zone can be added to a named set to retrieve their values through a special type of RRTs.
  • Support for custom fields that are passed to the subsequent components as RRTs.
  • Support for PDF processing-related settings for output documents such as PDF color and compression and PDF rasterization quality.
  • Splitting the original document into several documents on a barcode whose value matches a specified criterion. The supported validation methods: wildcards, regular expressions, external scripts.