Detected Preprocessing Options

This dialog displays the result of detection of the best preprocessing options for barcode recognition.

The dialog shows the values of Enhance barcode detection options on the Advanced tab:

Current — This column shows the current value of each option which is set in the Advanced tab. If some option has different minimum and maximum values, the value of this option is shown in the form of an interval, for example, 0-2.

Detected — This column shows the best value of each option that was detected by the component.

Result — This column shows the resultant value of each option.

Each option has the buttons that allow setting the resultant value of the option that will be displayed in the Result column:

Set all — Click this button to set the detected values for all the options.

Merge all — Click this button to merge the current and the detected values of all options.

When you click OK in this dialog, the component automatically changes the values of the Enhance barcode detection options from the Advanced tab to the values displayed in the Result column if these values are not empty.