Barcode Component RRTs

Component RRT ID

The RRT ID for this component is LTB.

Reserved Replacement Tag Names (RRTN)

Name Description
PagesCount The count of pages in the original document.
BarcodePages The list of page numbers on which barcodes are present.
BarcodePagesCount The count of pages containing barcodes.
SplitSeparatorsCount The number of pages in the original document considered as split separators.
SplitSeparatorsPages Comma-separated list of pages considered as split separators.
SplittedPartsCount The number of output documents (parts of the split document).

The following examples provide sample usage for your reference:

~LTB::PagesCount is replaced by 21.

~LTB::BarcodePages~ is replaced by 3.

Additional RRTNs of two types: Barcode global set RRTs and Barcode named set RRTs.

Field Replacement Tag Names (FRTN)

Fields set on the Field Values tab of the Barcode component settings can be used as RRTs.

See more information on Field RRTs in Fields RRTs

Note: When the Split on barcode check box is selected on the General tab of the Barcode settings, every output document, representing the part of the input document, has its own page numbering and its own set of barcodes. Therefore, when you select the Split on barcode function, the component RRTs are replaced separately for each of the output documents (parts of the split document).