Using Autonomy WorkSite

Use the Autonomy WorkSite component to extend the capabilities of an Autonomy WorkSite system and provide users with alternate means to store documents. This component, when used in combination with other Capture and Process components will allow an organization to implement very complex work flows, either involving interactive participation of the users or unattended environment.

Use SMTP Capture component with Autonomy WorkSite Route component in a workflow scenario where users email documents to a general-purpose Public folder in Autonomy WorkSite. Assume the business process is that we are only interested in knowing who sent the document along with a brief description of the document. The following provides a step-by-step description of what need to take place:

  1. An email, with a document attached and a Subject of "Transactions" and a Body of "Transactions from the past month", is captured through the SMTP Gateway that was configured in the SMTP Capture component.
  2. SMTP Capture captures the email and proceeds to detach the document and create Runtime Replacement Tags based on the email headers that can be used by Autonomy WorkSite.
  3. The system will proceed to route the document to Autonomy WorkSite component.  

    The administrator has configured Autonomy WorkSite with fixed values for each one of the required parameters, except for the Author field, Document Description and Document Comments. Instead of using fixed values, RRTs from the SMTP capture component are used. Specifically:

    • ~SMP::From~ (representing the “From” field of the captured email) will be assigned to the Author.
    • ~SMP::Body~ (representing the message body of the captured email) will be assigned to the Comments.
    • ~SMP::Subject~ (representing the subject of the captured email) will be assigned to the document Description.