Troubleshooting tips

Problem Description Solution
Autonomy WorkSite Error:

Document profile is invalid. The field is invalid: ______.

Check that an invalid field value was not given for the associated Field Name. Several of the fields are custom-defined categories that have a table associated with a field of document profile information. Document profile information fields are configured as lookup fields, which means that the only information users can enter in these fields comes from their associated tables.

In addition, The Client/Matter and Practice/Subpractice tables are special custom tables that allow further creation of custom categories by which users can identify and differentiate documents in the databases. The Client/Matter and Practice/Subpractice tables are distinct from the other custom tables in one important way: each item listed in the Client and Practice tables is the parent of a unique set of Matter or Subpractice table entries. When a user makes a selection in the Client or Practice fields, the user should select only the choices available for the Matter and Subpractice fields that are associated with the Client or Practice that the user has selected. Refer to the setup of these tables within the WorkSite Database Manager.