General tab

Enter the server and access attributes in this tab.

Option Description
Activate Activate the component according to a condition entered in this combo box. (For more information, see Conditional activation).
Pass through

Select this check box to pass documents to subsequent components in your process.

This option is only available with the eConnector component.

Server Specify a name of the server with which you want to work. This field can contain one of the following two values:
  • Name of the host machine of your WorkSite server; for example, au-worksite-9
  • IP address of the host machine your WorkSite server; for example,
User name Enter the user name used for logging on to the WorkSite server.
Obtain password via RRT Select this check box if you want use an RRT to specify the password.
Password Enter the password that is associated with the user name.
Password RRT Enter an expression consisting of RRTs that will be replaced by the actual password at run time. This value will be only used in case of Obtain password via RRT check box is selected.

This field supports and returns values for encrypted by restricted RRTs. For more information, see Encrypted Field RRTs.

Timeout Specify the connection timeout in seconds. The default value is 100 seconds.
Database Enter the name of an existing database on the server.

You can click the browse button (...) to browse for a database after you specify a valid Server and user credentials.