General tab

In order to manage a document file using ApplicationXtender, you have to first enter a valid DSN, username and password.

Option Description

Enter the Data Source Name to which you would like to connect.

User name

Enter a user name that is appropriate for the selected data source.

If the Application Xtender system is using the Windows NT security provider, you must precede the user name with a domain and a slash. For example, documentation\rfrost indicates “rfrost” is a user on the “documentation” domain.


Enter the password that coincides with the user name that you entered.


An application is the highest level of organization in ApplicationXtender. Use application for storing and retrieving documents.

Every time you store a document in an application, you must enter index information for that particular document into the index fields. The ApplicationXtender component stores the index information in a database so that you can search it later to retrieve documents.


When enabled, documents are held until further processing begins. Documents can be scanned immediately but processed at a later time.

If this option is selected, Name and Memo attributes do not need to be entered. If Name is not entered, a unique identifier will be generated and used. Using the same Name will append additional scanned documents.


This option is available on the ApplicationXtender eConnector (process) component.

If enabled, the documents are passed on to the next component in the process.