Restrictions and Limitations

  • The component supports the Alfresco server version 4.0.0.
  • The component cannot create files or folders which have names that are more than 100 characters in length.
  • Alfresco and Workflow servers should be on separate machines, if they are used in a high document volume environment, in order to avoid the processor overload. The Alfresco server uses Tomcat that overloads the processor by itself, while processing work; when you run the workflow server on the same machine this slows down work and overloads the processor.
  • The components does not support entering multi values for aspects properties.
  • Some properties can be added to a document twice: through the text fields or boxes on the Document tab (for example, Summary, Author) and on the Attributes tab (Categories and Tags), or through the special aspects on Aspects Tab. At the case when the same property is specified twice, the component behavior is as follows: it reads all specified values, but applies only those ones which were specified as aspect properties. For example, if you specify a category in the categories field on the Attributes tab as simple, and then specify a property value for the Classifiable aspect (that is of the same meaning as categories) as complex, then the complex value will be applied to a routed document and will appear as category on the server. Note, that if you specify the invalid value for the aspect, then the component will use the value, specified in the text field on the Document or Attributes tab. In the previous example there is the following possible situation: if the complex category does not exist on the server, then the component will use the simple as category.