Document Tab

Use this tab to set general attributes of the routed documents.

Option Description
Destination Select or enter a space on the Alfresco server where the documents will be stored. In Alfresco, a space is a container for storing and organizing content and other spaces. The space will be created if doesn't exist. The root space must be "Company Home", otherwise the document will be rejected. You can select an existing space by clicking the browse button (...).
Note: If the destination name contains invalid characters (/ \ | “ : < > * ? .), it will not be created and the documents will not be routed.
Rename file Select this check box to rename the uploaded file. Enter the rename scheme into the text field.

The default scheme is ~ALF::FileName~_~ALF::Counter,3~~ALF::FileExt~, which means that the documents will be renamed as follows:

  • The first document saved to the destination using the specified file name will be appended by _001. For example Document_001.doc.
  • For each subsequent document with the same name, the count is incremented by 1. For example, Document_002.doc and Document_003.doc.
Replace invalid characters with "_" Select this check box to replace invalid characters (/ \ | “ : < > * ? .) in the file names with the underscore symbol (_).
Note: If you don't select this check box and the file name contains one of the prohibited symbols, the file will be rejected.
If file exists Select the component behavior in case the file already exists in the destination folder. The following options are available:
  • Save input file as new version — The file will be saved as the next major version of the existing file.
    Note: It is not recommended to use this option with aspects. This situation may lead to the multiplying of versions.
  • Overwrite existing file — The existing file will be overwritten.
  • Reject input file — The file will be rejected and will no longer pass through the workflow.
  • Append index number to input file name — An index number incremented by 1 will be added to the file name.

You can use RRTs in this field. The RRT must take one of the following values:

  • NEW_VERSION — Save input file as a new version.
  • OVERWRITE — Overwrite existing file.
  • IGNORE — Reject input file.
  • APPEND_INDEX — Append index number to input file name.
Content type Select the content type of the uploaded file. If you select "<AutoDetect>", the content type will be detected automatically based on the file extension.
Document type Select the document type.
Note: If the uploaded document already exists on the server and the Save new file as next version check box is selected, the document type of the existing file will be kept.
Title Enter the title of the document.
Description Enter the description of the document.
Author Enter the name of the author of the uploaded file.
Encoding Enter or select the encoding of the uploaded files. If the entered encoding does not exist on the server, the document will be rejected.
Note: For some types of content (like images, video, or audio) the encoding parameter is irrelevant.
Summary Enter the summary for the document. If no summary is entered, the document will have no "summarizable" aspect.