Troubleshooting tips

Problem Solution
Error in component script causes component to hang. You can insert On Error Resume Next in a routine to continue a function and avoid hanging the application processing should an error occur in a script. For more information about using On Error Resume Next, see the following MSDN references:
The % operator in the date-time specifier is added as literal character. This occurs if the AutoStore 7 version of AutoCapture server is installed on an AutoStore 6 server. The AutoStore 7 version of AutoCapture implements the jQuery Datepicker to support Date/Time fields. The jQuery Datepicker does not use the % operator in its date specifiers. For more information, see AutoCapture 7 date formats. To continue using AutoStore 6 date-time specifiers, reinstall the AutoStore 6 version of AutoCapture on your AutoStore 6 server.