Preferences tab

On this tab you can configure the following settings for the AutoCapture server.

Option Description
Home Directory The root directory is the working folder where the server creates all temporary directories and files necessary for controlling device related traffic. The account used to run the server must have permission to write to this folder.
Port Number The port that the AutoCapture server uses to communicate with clients. The port setting for AutoCapture clients must match this port number. The default port is 8085.
Secure communication (SSL) Enable this option to allow information exchange between the server and the clients to be over a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) secured connection. This option requires a SSL enabled client.
Note: If the AutoCapture client was installed prior to this feature enhancement, the client will not support SSL encryption. The user will need to upgrade to the latest SSL enabled client.
Processed Files Select this check box to save processed files. This is the folder where the captured files are stored after they are successfully routed. If you select this check box, all files are stored into the Processed Files folder when the service successfully completes writing them into the destination location.
Important: Enabling this option saves a copy of every successfully routed file in this folder. Make sure that sufficient disk storage is allocated for this folder.
Rejected Files Select this check box to save rejected files. This folder is used for storing any files that were not routed successfully. Typically, a secondary process uses this folder as an input folder to notify a system administrator of the failure. A system administrator can then identify reasons for failures by searching application log file entries.