A group provides a container for forms, menus, and actions. Configure options for a group in the Group dialog box.
Table 1. Group options
Option Description
Name Enter a name for the group you are creating. This is a string value describing the name of the group. This name does not appear on the desktop and it is used strictly as logical group name.

This component is equipped with a default group called Common Group. You may add a menu, form or action to the Common Group. After the component is configured, the user can right click on the file that requires processing. The user will be presented with an AutoCapture icon labeled Send To. At this point the user can select the configured menu, form or action that is desired.

Root Menu Title Enter a menu title. This menu title appears on the client desktop. The user should be able to immediately relate this menu title to his/her function and the task at hand.
Members Click Add to enter either groups or users that you want to have access to this menu entry. Click Remove to delete a user or group.
Icon File Browse to the folder location that contains image icon file for this menu entry. The menu icon is 12x12 on the standard windows explorer AutoCapture client.