Welcome to PaperPort© AutoCapture Client

PaperPort© is a paper management software application from ScanSoft that helps you organize, access, share, and manage document and image files on your personal computer. Install the PaperPort link for AutoCapture on the user PC and the PaperPort is displayed as a client for AutoCapture server. The PaperPort client software is configured on the user machine that communicates with AutoCapture server. Once this configuration is completed, documents and files that reside in the PaperPort application can be captured into a workflow process.

PaperPort AutoCapture Client extends the capture capabilities of the server to the files that are stored in PaperPort.

AutoCapture includes server software that runs on the server and client software that runs on the user machine. The PaperPort AutoCapture client communicates with the AutoCapture server to retrieve the menu, form information for presentation on the user desktop.

When the server and client software are configured, a user can select a documents by dragging the document from PaperPort desktop and dropping the document onto the AutoCapture program icon on the Send To bar at the bottom of the PaperPort desktop.

This document describes the PaperPort AutoCapture Client configuration. Please refer to the AutoCapture Server help file for information on how to configure the server.