Preferences Settings

The Preferences settings allow you to specify whether to display confirmation messages for captures, to delete captured items, or to force MSG format for Outlook emails. You can configure preferences in the Preferences settings in the AutoCapture Configuration settings dialog box.

The Preferences settings can be opened by clicking Options > Configuration, and then clicking Preferences in the left pane of the AutoCapture Configuration dialog box. You can also open the AutoCapture Configuration dialog box by clicking the Configuration button on the AutoCapture client toolbar.

Option Description
Display confirmation messages Select this check box to display confirmation messages before and after capturing documents to the AutoCapture server.
Delete captured items Select this check box to delete files after they have been captured to the AutoCapture server.
Force MSG format for Outlook emails Select this check box to specify that Outlook MSG format must be used for Outlook emails captured by AutoCapture.
Note: MSG files are Outlook messages saved as files. They are saved as COM structured storage OLE2 compound documents, or "DocFile", which is the same technique used by Word, Excel, and many other applications.