Log Settings

The Log Settings allow you to configure event log settings and log file settings for an AutoCapture client. You can configure log settings in the Log Settings in the AutoCapture Configuration settings dialog box.

The Log Settings settings can be opened by clicking Options > Configuration, and then clicking Log Settings in the left pane of the AutoCapture Configuration dialog box. You can also open the AutoCapture Configuration dialog box by clicking the configuration button on the AutoCapture client toolbar.

Option Description
Log path Specifies the directory location for saving log files.
Add trace Select this check box to turn on trace logging for the AutoCapture client.
Maximum log size Specifies the maximum size for the log file. Older log entries will be deleted to make room for new entries.
Log history days Specifies the maximum number of days that logs will be saved to the log file. Log entries older than the specified number of days will be deleted.