How to install AutoCapture Client from the command line

For enterprise-wide deployments, you can install AutoCapture Client from the command-line using the AutoCapture Client Pack.msi program.

  1. Make sure you are logged on with an account that has administrator rights on the computer.
  2. Open a Command Prompt window by using elevated rights, and then change the directory to the folder that contains the setup files.
  3. Enter the install command string at the command prompt.
    Alternatively, you can create a command file and run it from the command prompt. You can also use a scripting language such as VBScript or Windows PowerShell to run the command.
  4. The following command line show how setup.msi can be used with a number of optional parameters.
    For more information about these parameters, see AutoCapture Client installer command-line parameters.
    C:\>msiexec /i "AutoCapture Client Pack.msi" INSTALLDIR="C:\INSTALL" ACACT="1" ACFILETYPE="*.doc" ACPORT="8085" ACSERVER="" /q"
    • The Windows installer switch /i installs the product.
    • The installer switch /q is used to make this a silent installation.