Customize commands

Click the Commands tab in the Customize dialog box to add or remove commands on the toolbars.

Option Description
Categories Click one of the categories to display commands or menus in the Commands box. The categories listed here correspond to commands on one of the menus (File, View, Options, or Help or All Commands) or menus (Built-In Menus or New Menu).
Commands To add a command or menu shown in this box to a toolbar, drag it to the toolbar. A vertical line appears to let you position the command or menu on the toolbar.

To remove a command button from a toolbar, click the toolbar button while the Commands tab is selected, and drag it off of the toolbar to remove it or drag it to another toolbar to position it there.

You can also edit buttons and menu commands by right-clicking a button on a toolbar or a command on a menu and then clicking a command on the shortcut menu.