AutoCapture Client installer command-line parameters

This topic lists all available AutoCapture Client installer command-line parameters, their values, and a brief description of each parameter.

Parameters are case-sensitive and must be entered as all-uppercase letters. All parameter values must be enclosed in double quotes.

msiexec /i "AutoCapture Client Pack.msi" INSTALLDIR = path ACACT = boolean ACFILETYPE = filetypes ACPORT = port ACSERVER = address /q
Parameter Values Description
INSTALLDIR path Enter the installation directory.

The default installation directory used by the installer is "C:\Program Files\NSI\AutoCapture Client".

ACACT 1 or 0 Activates or disables the Explorer client.
  • "1" activates the Explorer client. This is the default value.
  • "0" disables the Explorer client.
ACFILETYPE filetypes Sets the file types for the Explorer Client. Specify "*.ext", such as "*.doc". Separate multiple file types with a comma (,) or semicolon (;).

The default setting used by the installer is for all file types ("*.*").

ACPORT port The port number that AutoCapture uses to connect to clients.

The default port number used by the installer is "8085". This should be changed only if AutoCapture has been configured to use a different port.

ACSERVER address The IP address for the AutoCapture server.

The default address used by the installer is "localhost". This should only be used if the client is running on the same machine as the server.


C:\>msiexec /i "AutoCapture Client Pack.msi" INSTALLDIR="C:\INSTALL" ACACT="1" ACFILETYPE="*.DOC" ACPORT="8085" ACSERVER="" /q"
  • The Windows installer switch /i installs the product.
  • The Windows installer switch /q is used to make this a silent installation.

To use the default parameter values for the installer, run the MSI package using the following command:

C:\>msiexec /i "AutoCapture Client Pack.msi" /q